System Engineer - Infrastructure Automation

  • Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 16/07/2020
Company: Mulia Kayangan Sdn Bhd
Type: Full time
Category: Engineering Executive Information Technology
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Job Description

Job Summary:
This is a hands-on role within Infrastructure and Operations organization, providing direction and managing a team of dev-ops and sys-ops staff. This position is responsible for the day-to-day operational running of the team, ensuring the availability of the production infrastructure hosting applications. A proficiency in all aspects of Operations is required. This role requires a degree of flexibility and collaborative working both within Technology and across the business.

Key Responsibilities:
Regular meetings with IT Teams to evaluate possible areas for improvement in their current processes.

  • Create automated processes which help with the maintenance of core business services.
  • Develop/maintain automated CentOS OS provisioning solutions.
  • Work with teams to create scripted/automated solutions for routine tasks.
  • Develop solutions for management tools such as docker to maintain and deploy images, applications, patches and fixes.
  • Develop solutions for faster problem identification and resolution.
  • Automate Incident / Service Request resolution for common issues.
  • Develop automated self-healing solutions that are identified through systems monitoring.
  • Evaluate and implement automation tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc).
  • Build solutions that integrate with JENKINS, SWARM, ELK, PROMETHEUS, NGINX etc for end to end automation.


  • Experience with enterprise automation tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc.
  • Experience writing Python automation and Shell scripts.
  • Experience in a DOCKER environment desired.
  • Experience in a Hybrid Cloud environment desired.
  • Experience with working in Azure, AWS, etc desired.

运维工程师 岗位职责:服务器管理,包括资源分配、性能和服务监控及告警处理、性能调优,问题跟踪。编制项目运维规范、配置文档管理。负责生产服务器日常初始化、系统上线、版本发布、数据备份等日常运维工作。Linux自动化运维脚本的编写。制定系统安全基线、安全策略。快速响应故障和处理,并进行总结和优化。
任职要求:大专及以上学历,计算机相关专业,三年以上运维工作经验,两年以上互联网运维工作经验。精通Linux操作系统,熟悉shell或python等语言,熟悉自动化运维,擅长ansible/puppet/SaltStack其中至少一项工具。精通tomcat、nginx、lvs、 jenkins、sonar、elk、dubbo、redis、memched、mongodb、MQ等软件,熟练掌握自动化集成部署方案。精通大型监控架构及原理,熟悉系统、应用,数据库等组件的监控配置经验,熟悉后台分布式系统的架构及容灾设计;熟悉软件发布,运维,优化,对软件全生命周期管理有一定认识。熟悉Mysql,能熟练掌握Mysql的基本操作,能对Mysql进行性能优化,监控Mysql日常运行情况,熟悉主备、主从、安全机制。熟悉docker等组件的原理及运维方式,有KVM、docker、kubernetes生产实践经验者优先。具备快速故障排错的能力,具备一定的大型应用系统的架构优化能力,优秀的全局观,对虚拟化、服务器硬件、操作系统、网络、存储、应用中间件的工作原理等方面的技术有深入的理解和经验。

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