Membership Consultant Cum Personal Trainer (Urban Fitness Gym)

  • Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
  • 07/02/2019
Company: Giga Maritime Group
Type: Full time
Category: Health Care
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Job Description

  1. To conduct sales tours of the facilities and give guidance to prospective customers on the type of membership category best suited to their needs and requests as directed by the Company standard.
  2. To ensure all prospective members received the appropriate information and tour of the facilities.
  3. To be responsible for the administration of membership paperwork and to ensure that it is processed accordingly.
  4. To take responsibliities for recording daily sales and familiarize with the total membership sales of the club.
  5. To be fully aware of promotional activities and sales targets.
  6. To produce an individual monthly sales plan to achieve preset sales targets.
  7. To achieve on a daily basis standards and target, as set down by the company with regards to Key performance indicators: tour to sale, calls to appointment, POS referrals, completed calls, new leads and etc.
  8. To sell membership with integrity and full clarity of information.
  9. To make sure that full auditable procedures and practices are in place for processing, storage and management of member information including financial information.
  10. To conduct quality personal training classes, ensure members enjoy a positive and inspiring workout experience and achieve monthly personal training goal.
  11. To develop and identify new sales and personal training opportunities.
  12. To promote fitness events and promotions within the club.
  13. To conduct and manage appointments, including assessments and programme implementation.
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